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Jovens empresárias

As professionals in the field of product development, we have experience in the development and construction of machines and equipment in the nut and dried fruit sector.

In this way, we develop agricultural machinery and equipment with the most advanced technology on the market, in accordance with European, Eurasian and CUS / CUL standards.



The MOGAMAC Its mission is to be a company of excellence and reference in the field of development and construction of agricultural machinery and equipment, namely in the nut and dried fruit sector, offering reliable, innovative and eco-sustainable solutions, aiming to be the first choice of customers. To this end, the company intends to provide its customers with services and products quickly and at good prices, which satisfy their needs. As well as establishing a lasting relationship, sustained by a constant search for development, improvement and improvement in the quality of the services provided, with a view to generating added value for customers, employees and partners. Committed to ecology, the company aims to produce products with a lower environmental impact, offering its customers a wide range of solutions that tend to provide eco-sustainable products and services, efficiently and effectively.


The vision of MOGAMAC aims to satisfy its customers, seeking to produce new products or optimize its existing resources, with tight quality control and know-how that it will acquire over the years. Having as the main guideline of its strategy, to be recognized nationally and internationally as a reference company in the nut and dried fruit market, using the most advanced technology on the market, awarded by external companies, providing the best product quality. The products developed by the company MOGAMAC ranging from weeders to clear the land to a walnut and almond washer/husker, walnut and almond dryer, and finally, cargo boxes, in the sense of having a wide range of products in the area of agriculture. Agricultural machinery and equipment aim to exceed initial expectations, through innovation, generation of values and eco-sustainability, always honoring its commitments.


The company's values are inserted, in order to guide the whole team, in organization's decision-making. This set of values is represented by the following words:

People: Provide a good working environment for our employees. Evolve with organizational ethics respecting the rights of human beings and the environment where they operate.

Competence: Intending to provide better quality products and services, we are committed to the competence of our employees.

Trust: We value trusting relationships between employees, customers and partners.

Ambition: We invest in different regions at national and international level, namely in the Iberian Peninsula, with the aim of strengthening what we have and growing in the market.

Continuous improvement: Quality management, by preserving and improving our products and services. Overcoming market difficulties by adapting a proactive stance (example: Covid-19, Geopolitical Conflicts ).

Dynamism: Always be up-to-date and innovative, in order to anticipate the evolution and needs of the market.

Innovation: Continually innovate and boast new solutions to reduce the ecological footprint.

Eco sustainable: We bet on recyclable products, with zerowaste. Environmental management applied to all business areas aims to standardize the production process and services that protect the environment (example: Reduction of carbon and water footprint, Renewable energy resource, Awareness and training of our employees.).

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