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Descascadora de nozes verdes

Green Nut Peeler

The Green Nut Peeler is an easy-to-handle equipment, developed for washing and peeling of Green Walnuts and/or Almonds, through a drum rotation process and the use of water jets. In which, washing is a decisive step for there to be a high quality of the machine process.

Walnut and almond dryer

Right after the washing process, the walnuts and almonds must be dried quickly. Hence, the drying phase will not only preserve a high quality of dried fruit, but also ensure a long shelf life.

Secadora de nozes
secadora de nozes
Produtos: Produtos

Nut Crusher

The Nut Crusher MOGAMAC is an easy to handle equipment and it was developed to crush the nut in order to facilitate the extraction of the dry fruit (nut kernel) from the shell.

Transport Box

The transport box MOGAMAC  is an easy-to-use piece of equipment designed for material transport services.

Caixa de carga

Rotary Cutter

The Rotary Cutter MOGAMAC was developed for general cross-country and forest clearing services.

Welding table

The MOGAMAC welding table is designed to perform a variety of welding tasks.

Mesa de soldadura




MOGAMAC Cardans are designed to be attached to the tractor and your agricultural equipment. 

Rotary Cutter Box

The MOGAMAC rotary cutter box was developed to be attached to your rotary cutter.

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